About This Website

Nostra.us (Nostradotus) is an ongoing series of articles composed by an AI in response to life’s most interesting philosophical questions. Ironically, this website all started with a series of questions that I myself was trying to answer.

Is there a good AI text generator out there?

I don’t really know why I was asking myself this question, but I managed to find plenty of lists out there of all the greatest AI text generators. I tried as many as I could, and have to say I was pretty disappointed for the most part. The vast majority were either too expensive, too limited, or were just scraping and spinning–not really generating text at all.

Did one of them stand out from the rest?

One of them did stand out from the rest, and by a large margin. Article Forge consistently blew me away with its writing quality! Don’t get me wrong, you can absolutely tell it was written by a robot. That said, it was able to compose pretty great starting points for articles within a few minutes just by feeding it some few keywords. You can also give it keywords that will alter the format of the article, for example if you want a “how to” article, just add “how to” as a keyword. Pretty cool!

After fooling around with Article Forge for a while, my free trial expired and I decided that this was a great tool for me to play around with some more. So I signed up for a year’s subscription. At first I was just going to have it write a bunch of articles for a bunch of crappy sites, which I would then go in and edit to make sure they made sense. This system has worked out pretty good so far, but honestly that sort of thing gets repetetive and bores me to death. I have no complaints about the articles it starts for me, they are fine and do a lot to get me going. The system works great, but it just isn’t what I would call fun.

So in an effort to entertain myself, I drank a few beers and decided to ask Article Forge a simple question: “My husband had an affair with a tree – how can I save my marriage?” Now, maybe it was a combination of being really bored, tired, or a little drunk, but the opening paragraph of what it wrote as a response to that question made me laugh so abruptly and unexpectedly that I shot beer out of my nose. Laughing so hard you make a mess is fun, so this led to my next question (which is the big one this website tries to answer).

What kind of answers will I get if I ask a high quality AI text generator really strange questions?

To answer my own question, every day I ask the AI something that sounds completely insane or interesting. When it finished its careful, automated research and reports back to me, I post the results here to this website. I hope you enjoy reading its work as much as I do.


  • The only editing I do is to write titles and add images, everything else comes purely the work of the AI generator.
  • If you have a question you would like me to ask, let me know: webmaster@nostra.us
  • If you would like to try the generator out yourself, Article Forge offers a free trial for seven days. I highly suggest it.
  • Those are affiliate links.