What are some uses for bird poop?

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Bird poop, or “bird dung” as some people call it, may seem like a petty thing to some, but the truth is, bird feces is actually a very important aspect of nature. While most people consider bird droppings to be trash, bird feces is what new birds need to feed their young; it contains essential nutrients that birds need in order to grow and flourish. Bird poop also serves a very useful purpose: it acts as a natural weedkiller. In other words, bird poop can help you save the environment.

Let’s talk about why bird poop is an important food source for birds. Scientists have found that over seventy percent of all land birds eat insects, which in turn, are the main ingredient of bird feces. This is the main source of nutrition for baby birds.

Interestingly, bird poop is the main ingredient in a number of insecticides used to control mosquitoes, flies, and bedbugs. By controlling the insect population through use of bird poop, you are helping the birds and yourself, by cutting down on the insect population. Because of this, bird droppings also serves as a natural bug repellent, drawing away insects from your garden.

There are many other great uses for bird poop. For instance, did you know it acts as a natural weedkiller, killing unwanted plants and weeds around your property? Bird droppings can also be a great source of compost for you, creating additional fertilizer and helping your garden’s soil grow. They can also act as a natural mulch for your garden’s soil, helping to keep your plants nutrients locked in.

Now that we’ve discussed why bird poop is so important, let’s discuss what you can do to make sure you are supplying your garden with as much bird poop as possible. One simple solution is to plant more bird species in your yard. If you happen to live in an area with a wide variety of different bird species, try planting black-crowned birds, goldfinches, tanagers, red-winged blackbirds, or purple martins. If you only have medium-sized areas, you may want to consider providing suet feeders or tree pruning for these birds as well.

Another great way to ensure that you are getting as much bird poop as possible, is to clean up your yard after you come home from a hard day at work. Bird droppings are messy, and generally unappealing, but by gathering them up it is a great way to collect insect seed. Cleaning up your yards after you bird-watch can also help you see what plants need to be fertilized with in order to get them growing strong and healthy again.

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