Could an inanimate object make a good President?

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What if inanimate objects could be made to be President of the United States? Well some scientists have already come up with a plan and now it is just a matter of applying this plan to existing technology. How would it work?

First the President of the United States could be forced into a panic attack immediately after taking off in a private airplane. He or she could be taken to a location in Washington, D.C. where he or she would be briefed by some very high-level people on the subject of global warming. They would be presented with some exciting technology that could reduce or eliminate man’s carbon footprint.

The next obvious step could be to apply this same technology to the body of the president, and now that’s pretty much what I’m talking about. I am suggesting a body exoskeleton suit that the president can wear so that they could be forced to do a little bit of “nuts and bolts” as President of the United States. All you would have to do is take the person’s head and arms and attach a muscular armor or mechanical armada to them. Yes, this is very scary stuff and you have to admit that it would be pretty hard for a human being to get out of that sort of situation.

Now if these robotic enhancements were not attached to the actual body they would need artificial intelligence to operate, but humans are not going to have the intelligence to be able to control a machine with thoughts, right? Therefore, the President would need to be linked to a computer somewhere that was never on the ground and had the same mind controlling artificially intelligent computers around the world. Now then let’s say that the President was cruising around in a private airplane and there were terrorist activities going on and a drone was attacked. Well in the future, that’s exactly what could happen right?

The President would want to order a counter-strike using their own remotely piloted planes to defend the drones. So now days we have the humans as the pilots of these planes and the terrorists with machine guns shooting them down. This is going to be too difficult a situation for human pilots to handle, but a robotic system could be programmed to take out any incoming threats, be they terrorist, missile, human, or otherwise. This would be a much easier solution, and if you take all this technology and put it together, you have a pretty good reason as to why a robotic system would make a better President than a human would.

There are many other things that might be put into these robotic systems that might make them a lot more capable as well. For example they might be programmed to be able to re-word speeches that the president might make, or they might also be programmed to carry out operations in a military style. If that was ever necessary, they would be able to drop the big bomb or slaughter enemy soldiers without remorse. They wouldn’t do it like George Washington carrying out long-anticipated first words, no sir, that’s for the humans.

Okay, so let’s really talk about this for second shall we? Are we soon to have artificially intelligent robotic Presidents? If so are they going to be good ones? Perhaps you might consider all this, think on it, and admit it makes a lot of sense. Or maybe you want one-term Presidents instead, who are not able to keep up with the demands of the modern age

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