How can I make money in a fake car accident?

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Is it possible to make money in a fake car accident? Well, it’s not impossible. There are many people out there that will pretend to have an injury and file numerous fraudulent claims with their personal injury attorneys. Insurance fraud is nothing new but the internet has given these crooks a whole new level of sophistication. If you can figure out what to look for and then move from theory to practice then you may be able to get rich quick by becoming a victim of reverse insurance fraud.

The first step is to contact your state’s attorney general’s office and see if they have any information on these crimes. Remember, they have the knowledge and resources to keep track of every instance of fake claims. You should also contact your insurance company and ask them if they have ever had any claims made against the possible driver in question. If they do have records then you may want to call the other driver and tape record their reaction.

This next step is where most fake accident story tellers go wrong. They tend to focus on describing the damage to the other person’s car and think that you should file a claim for damages to your car. What they don’t tell you is that insurance companies don’t pay out on false or frivolous claims. This is a well known fact and you shouldn’t fall victim to these crooks. If you think you can trick the insurance adjuster into thinking you are financially injured and need quick cash, your good fortune can easily become deep trouble at a later date.

Another thing you should watch out for are insurance agents who try to sell you coverage. It’s very easy for an agent to sell you more than you need or want. Many people end up buying twice the amount of insurance they actually need just because the shuckster convinced them it was necessary. You can avoid this problem by asking your friends and relatives if they’ve ever needed any kind of auto insurance. Record their responses.

In attempts to make even more money, many people end up crashing their cars on purpose then filing fake claims with several insurance companies. They don’t tell the insurance agents that that the person driving the car actually caused the accident in the first place. This seems like a good idea but it never works. The only way you can get out of paying compensation is if the court rules in your favor.

One last tip you should keep in mind when asking yourself how can I make money in fake car accident. You should be able to collect on the settlement money if you can find a person whose fault an accident was. If you can collect on the money without having to go to court, then you are in the clear. All you need to do is convince them it is in their best interest to avoid the authorities. If you have to go to court, all is not lost. You might have found the kind of person who will settle for a lesser amount. Something is better than nothing after all

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