What are some recipes I can make using broken glass?

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If you have ever had a moment when you have been invited to a party and you were stumped for ingredients, then you have had it many times when in came broken glass. While it is still easy to find ready made decorations at party supply stores, there comes a time when you are so excited to go shopping that you want to cook instead of just decorating. The fact that it is broken glass after all says that it can be used for just about anything. Here are a few recipes using broken glass that you might want to try out.

You might have been to a party that did not use any dairy but your guests absolutely love ice cream. When you are looking for a substitute, why not try making some ice cream using broken glass? This is very easy to do and will really add a unique flavor to your ice cream recipe that no one will have ever tasted before.

What are some other recipes using broken glass as an ingredient? You could make a simple frozen treat by taking some leftover broken pieces of glass and mixing them together with some sugar, then putting them in the freezer. This would be a very easy to make frozen treat that you could take to a kid’s birthday party or even a gathering where you will be doing quite a bit of talking. You can also take this same mixture and create a milkshake that your friends will love.

One thing that you may never have thought of is how easy it is to make crystal dishes with it. The truth is that there are many different types of crystals and all of them look rather beautiful. You can use these beautiful glasses to create a stunning centerpiece for any holiday table. If you were celebrating a birthday, an office party, or even a wedding you could use broken glasses to serve punch. Everyone will be amazed at the beauty of this presentation.

What is another recipe using broken glass as an ingredient that you can try yourself? If you want to make an icy cold treat, you can use crushed ice and pour in a few small ounces of coffee. Then, take a few broken pieces of glass and place them into the coffee. Allow the Java to brew for about ten minutes and then remove the coffee grounds. You can then add the broken glass to the mix and let it cool off for an hour before you pour it into small jars or Tupperware containers.

As you can see there are plenty of great ideas for using broken glass as an ingredient. Try making your own version of ice cream, cookies, cakes, and even fudge. Glass can come in many different shapes and sizes and there are many different recipes available online. If you are having trouble making these simple treats at home, you might want to try frozen, cracker crumb ones that are easier to make. Either way, next time you are invited to a party, your broken glass treat will make you a big hit!

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