What are some tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse?

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If you have ever watched the movies or read the comic books about the Zombie Virus, then you probably already know what a Zombie is. Zombies are fast-growing, infectious creatures that feed off the energy of humans, and they are attracted to light. They are typically scurrying across the surface of the earth, eating anything they can get their disgusting little hands on. While the Zombie may look like something from a horror movie or a horror novel, they are very dangerous, as they will attack anyone who falls into their path.

As a matter of fact, if you plan on living after the Zombie Wars end, then you are going to have to take some Zombie survival tips into consideration. These tips include how to avoid being eaten by zombies, how to kill them, and how to prevent them from spreading. You should also learn how to protect yourself from other Zombies if you were to become one.

  • Zombies are creatures that have emerged from the dead. They are experts in camouflage and are very careful about what they eat, their home surroundings, and even the clothes they wear.
  • Zombie diets include fruits and vegetables. Since they are attracted to plants, you should stay away from them. Some plants, however, such as cauliflower, will cause them to have a hard time digesting.
  • Zombies are attracted to metal structures, so try to stay away from buildings, farms, barns, or anything else made of metal.
  • Zombies are attracted to blood, so try to keep your blood supply sufficient and clean.
  • Clean your kitchen and bathroom areas, and throw away food left rotting in any place that you find it. The rotting foods are a great source of nutrients for the Zombies, and they can easily break through your defenses to steal your refuse.
  • Zombie attacks are often very violent, and occur in dark places, such as closets and basements.
  • If you hear noises outside you should try to go see if there is anyone there. Remember to lock all the doors when you go out.
  • If you are afraid of being bitten, you should wear a rubber glove.

By following these simple tips for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, you will have much more luck on your first night out alive.

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