What do you call a jigsaw puzzle that is missing all of its pieces?

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When I was younger, I loved playing with puzzles. The whole point of playing them was to see how well you could solve them and who could get the most things done in the fastest time. Over time, I came to learn that the more challenging the puzzle was, the better I felt about my performance and the more satisfaction I got from actually getting all the way through a difficult jigsaw puzzle. So, what do you call a jigsaw puzzle that’s missing all of its pieces? A big problem!

One thing I learned is that it’s important not to stress yourself out trying to solve a puzzle where there is a missing piece right next to a piece you already know is missing. Instead, it’s best to take the easy way out and just put all of the pieces together. That doesn’t mean you have to put all of the pieces in exactly even positions, either. The puzzle pieces don’t even need to line up perfectly with one another or match, you can put all of them in any spot without worrying about getting everything perfect. Why stress out?

Now if you’re looking for an easy puzzle that really gets you going, one that requires a bit of thought, you might want to give the reverse jigsaw puzzle a try. The best part about this jigsaw puzzle is that it is one of those “fun” puzzles that you and your kids will be able to enjoy for years to come. If you haven’t played with one of these puzzles before, I urge you to give it a try. They are easy to make (if you have a saw that’s sharp) and very entertaining. Then again, if you have played with them before, it’s probably because you really like jigsaw puzzles – so there’s really nothing more I need to say!