Will Marvel heroes ever become mythological figures?

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There have been many rumors and speculations in regards to what Marvel may do in the future. Most of these rumors center around whether or not we will see Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine join the Avengers team. Some also mention the possibility of The Fantastic Four joining the Avengers or creating their own team. If you are a true fan of comic books and movies you most likely have your own theories as to what these teams will look like, but it is time to start thinking in another direction.

While many individual comic books have mythological elements to them, they have always been a part of the larger mythos. Starting with the ancient Greek myths and moving through time to modern day comic books and movies, the concept of heroes is more universal than most people give it credit for. Perhaps the most famous of these is the notion of a “good” and “bad” hero.

A hero is usually defined by one or more attributes. These can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, and usually each of these attributes has a godly counterpart. For example, Superman is a symbol of strength and power while Batman is a symbol of skill and courage. While each superhero may have a unique set of attributes, their characteristics usually revolve around a single idea, or “flaw,” that defines the hero.

After the early 1940s, other characters began to enter the Marvel Universe, and the original characters are now known as “retro” Marvel characters. Many of the older, traditional comic readers are not interested in these newer versions, but there are still many avid readers who love to read about these older versions.

One of the most common threads that separate the modern day versions from the original is age. Many readers assume that since these characters look so old they must be mythological figures, but this is not true. In fact, many of the same characters look much younger than their chronological counterparts.

Any character that we expect to continue to be around for decades into the future is very likely to become surrounded by a mythology. Some of these stories may be in the form of comic books, while others may be legends told by hearsay. Either way, it is safe to say that any of the major characters that we know today will have a long path ahead of them. So, will Marvel Heroes one day become a mythological class of their own?

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