What is the difference between elven nipples and dwarven nipples?

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Most people have a preconceived notion about the difference between elven nipples and dwarven nipples. Fantasy, however, is defined by its mysteriousness. It is more than just boobs. Fantasy involves everything about the characters in the story; from their features, to their clothing, to their abilities, to their sexuality, to their relationship with humans, and on down to their anatomy, or rather, their anatomical structure as compared to ours.

You might not have seen an elf before because they aren’t that common, however these creatures are very popular among males. There are several different varieties, so if you don’t know what you’re looking at you could easily be looking at a fake. An authentic elf has nipples that tend to be more triangular in shape, and will also be completely smooth in appearance. A female elf might contain “a chest that is unusually large, perky, and supported by a wide arch. The nipple and areola are completely fused into the chest wall, giving the appearance of breasts. Commonly associated with youth, elfs are often depicted as buccaneers or merchants.” Sounds like fantasy right? Or even better than a porno movie starring Angelina Jolie.

Dwarven nipples are significantly smaller. It’s true that the areola itself is extremely broad and the nipple area (where it attaches to) isn’t, but the part that sticks out is significantly thinner. The reason is because of the natural growth pattern of the body. The nipples grow continuously throughout puberty, even as the body is constantly growing the testicles, scrotum, and other genitals. Because each tissue is not the same size, the areola and its attached nipple tend to grow in different proportions and shapes.

While both types of creatures have highly developed nipples, only the size of the nipple is important when it comes to mating. If a male doesn’t have a fully developed nipple it will be much harder for him to attract a mate because females prefer males with large nipples. They believe larger nipples are a sign of virility and fertility, and as a result females usually choose to mate with males who have bigger than average nipples.

Unfortunately, a lot of what society believes to be normal is often considered to be abnormal by others. What are some of the differences between elven nipples and dwarven nipples? Well, there are actually quite a few.

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