What are some creative ways to cover your face while visiting a pub?

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In this article we are going to look at one of the most popular trends in home make up, the best type of creative ways to cover up your face for the pub. Many women want to wear a certain style or colour on their faces but don’t want to look as clownish as they might in a public bar. The best type of face cover for the pub is usually a combination of 3D images such as a clown nose or cheeky lips that enhance your facial features and draw attention to your eyes and jewellery.

One of the best types of face covers for the pub is the clown nose hairstyle. You can achieve this by taking a section of your hair and stapling it together to form a nose, then carefully gluing a coloured image or pattern onto this section. This is an easy way to give yourself that famous clown look without having to shave your head!

The second best type of face cover for the pub is cheeky lips. This can be achieved very easily, by using some tissue and concealing your mouth with a piece of tape. Once you have done this, you simply need to glue on some lipstick! Lipstick gives your face that sexy smirk that everyone loves when they see it on a hot date. However you may not like how I have placed my lipstick on, so always test out your lipstick before applying it to your face.

The third best type of face cover for the pub is a funky hairdo. This is again a very easy way to add a fashionable look without changing your appearance too dramatically. Instead of having your hair pinned up into a bun at the back of your head, why not take a different approach and wear a messy untied ponytail? Haircuts are extremely popular as well, as they make your face look clean-cut without looking too feminine or boyish.

The final best type of face cover for the pub is definitely a beard. This looks very cool and masculine, especially if it is long and falls over your eyes. You can use a beard tie, a bandeau or just leave your facial hair free. It is a unique and cool way to dress up for the night!

So there you have it, four different methods that can be used to create a great disguise for the pub! There are lots of other options available to create your own face covers but these are the best ones I have found so far. This article only touches on some of the methods available to you, I am sure there are many more. I suggest you go out and try a few of them and find one that suits you best.

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