My husband had an affair with a tree – how can I save my marriage?

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My husband had an affair with a tree. What, you may ask, was my husband doing having an affair with a tree? The answer to that question depends upon whether or not your husband is, in fact, a tree. If he is, and his affair with the tree has continued over several years, then he would have been committing adultery even if he was not actually strangling the tree with his bare hands. But even if your husband is not, or is not soon going to be strangling a tree, you may still want to know what I think should happen next.

I think that it is vital that your husband tells his wife the truth about what happened between him and the tree. If he tries to cover it up, or minimize it, he will jeopardize the trust that both of you have built over time. He will turn your marriage into a game of “when it’s cold and dark and nobody is home.” That is a recipe for divorce. So my recommendation is that when your husband has an affair with a tree, he needs to sit down with you and tell you everything that happened.

Maybe your husband had an affair with a tree because you yourself were having an affair! If you believe that this is the case, then you should not have acted so suspiciously. Maybe you should not have been seeing someone else.

If you were not having your own affair, but would like that to be true, there are many places to find extramarital partners. You should not look at any of the local trees, in fact, you should not look anywhere but at your husband’s computer. If you suspect that your husband is cheating on you, all you have to do is get a copy of his computer hard drive and look for pictures and videos. If you see anything that you think is suspicious, contact the police right away. Otherwise you can find trees there to have affairs with.

Even if your husband has had affairs with multiple trees, you can still save your marriage. The first step is to forgive him for his adultery. This does not mean that you are allowing him to abuse your forgiveness. This does not mean it was okay for him to strangle those trees. You are being patient and understanding with him while you work through your issues. You should be very careful not to place too much blame on him or single him out for his infidelity because this will lead to more damage than healing.

The next thing you should do is find a counselor who can help you and your husband work through your issues. Counseling can be very helpful because it can help you talk through your emotions and discover the root causes of your problems. If counseling does not work, you could also try ending your marriage and deal with the heartbreak alone. However, if you choose to counsel and your husband does not strangle other trees anymore, then at least whatever happened that caused him to cheat has been taken care of. Once you have made peace with yourself, and your husband, you can finally start rebuilding the relationship you had with him and move forward.

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